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Welcome to The Windsor Hotel

Located just 10 minutes from the CBD, the newly-renovated Windsor Hotel is recognised for its fantastic food & exceptional service.



Visit us on our Twitter & Facebook pages - click on the buttons below.

The Windsor Hotel, 410 North East Road. Windsor Gardens, 5087        Phone [08] 8261 3522

thewindsor.net.au/leh-557275/ http://thewindsor.net.au/leh-558612/ http://thewindsor.net.au/leh-555520/ thewindsor.net.au/leh-557051/ thewindsor.net.au/leh-559345/ thewindsor.net.au/leh-556496/ thewindsor.net.au/leh-558803/ http://thewindsor.net.au/leh-556891/ thewindsor.net.au/leh-557224/ thewindsor.net.au/leh-557020/